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Take Full Responsibility

Fixing a Morally-Bad Decision series

Fixing Morally-bad decisions

Take Full Responsibility

Taking responsibility, especially full responsibility is a position of human nature that seems to be avoided in our modern contemporary Western hemisphere culture. Even partial responsibility implies that we did something wrong so the modern "me too" social construct positions itself to have plausible deniability. We see it on television, hear it on the radio and read it in the media and watch it on the internet. Nobody wants to be wrong and everybody is getting accustomed to hiding their dirty hands or at least saying it wasn't all me which is a morally-bad decision. The Word of God clearly states that we need to confess our wrong and leave our wrong doing for mercy. Will you seek God's mercy?

Proverbs 28:13

He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.

God of Mercy, we thank You for revealing truth. We praise You for understanding the importance of confession and the change that leaving sin creates. We decree and declare blessings upon the lives of those who obey Your Instructions, so that in Mercy will find integrity and character. This we pray, with an anointing in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, Amen.


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