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Solomon Prayed and Fire Came from Heaven, part c

Thursday 21Apr22

Healing Pain During Covid-19

These verses collectively and individually address our pain, how we identify with adversity, and answers from God. This collection of comforting scriptures will help guide you toward whole and complete healing.

Solomon Prayed and Fire Came from Heaven, part c

2 Chronicles 7:1-7

Now when Solomon had made an end of praying, the fire came down from heaven, and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of the LORD filled the house. And the priests could not enter into the house of the LORD, because the glory of the LORD had filled the LORD'S house. And when all the children of Israel saw how the fire came down, and the glory of the LORD upon the house, they bowed themselves with their faces to the ground upon the pavement, and worshipped, and praised the LORD, saying, For he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever. Then the king and all the people offered sacrifices before the LORD. And king Solomon offered a sacrifice of twenty and two thousand oxen, and an hundred and twenty thousand sheep: so the king and all the people dedicated the house of God. And the priests waited on their offices: the Levites also with instruments of musick of the LORD, which David the king had made to praise the LORD, because his mercy endureth for ever, when David praised by their ministry; and the priests sounded trumpets before them, and all Israel stood. Moreover Solomon hallowed the middle of the court that was before the house of the LORD: for there he offered burnt offerings, and the fat of the peace offerings, because the brasen altar which Solomon had made was not able to receive the burnt offerings, and the meat offerings, and the fat.

The scripture reveals much about the method of Solomon's prayer(s) and a couple of things of significance becomes obivious, the burnt offering and sacriface with the Glory of the Lord filling the house. There is the acceptance of the sacrifice of prayer - Moses (Leviticus 9:24); of Gideon (Judges 6:21); of David (1 Chronicles 21:26); of Elijah (1 Kings 18:38); and this was not sponsored by the killing of sacrifices but prayer. There is much to unpack here but to intimate the advent of Grace the foreshadow of the Holy Spirit was the evidence of Fire, a Consuming Fire. The Holy Spirit is consuming or purges the iniquity within. Luke 24:32, Did not our hearts burn within…

Jehovah El Gemuwal, The LORD God of recompense - Jeremiah 51:56; we thank You for being The Lord God of Amends. We praise You for showing us the Fire of Your Grace. Therefore, we decree and declare the blessing (the indwelling of the Holy Spirit) upon those who make sacrifices; so that, we who are purged will do Your Will with a Holy fire. Now, for the Kingdom and Glory of God, we petition, with the anointing of the Holy Ghost, in the authority of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, Amen.

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